Street style

A little street style for this Girl’s Night Out look. I don’t know about you, but after a while, you get tired of skin tight skinny jeans, that’s where dress pants come in. It feels good to let your legs breathe especially when it’s too breezy for a skirt or a dress (Spring, where you at?!) The maxi waterfall coat and the houndstooth bottoms were both bought from my beloved Boohoo.com. I’m pretty obsessed with this site and with all the buzz that’s going on with Fashion Nova, it’s nearly impossible to find any xs or small article of clothing that isn’t already sold out, but Boohoo always got my back and I appreciate them for that!



I love the look and feel of this coat. Aiming for something dressier yet still somewhat warm was the way to go. It’s too cute to keep you warm for those dead of winter months but it’s not paper thin to the point where you couldn’t wear this in those thirty degree temperatures either. I hate being cold but I like being stylish so me and this coat get along just swell. The houndstooth pants are nice on camera but I’m not that stoked on the material that was chosen for this pant. Almost as if it were to be a legging material. Leggings are great but when you want pants, you just want some pants. I was comfy and warm for this night and most importantly happy. Surrounded by great people, subpar drinks and a beautiful night on the town. What more could a girl ask for?

A girl with white wine

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