Bentonite Clay Hair Mask

Bentonite Clay Hair Mask

Bentonite Clay Hair Mask

Getting into this whole natural hair thing two years ago has been a pretty interesting journey for me. There’s been so much I’ve learned about myself and my hair and there’s even more that I still have to learn as well.

I’d like to think my curl pattern is primarily 4a with some 3c and 4b in there as well. I’m not 100% sure though so fight me! I’ve learned that my hair is of the high porosity type. Meaning it’s harder for my hair to retain moisture and being much more prone to tangles and even worse… the frizzies! I’ve heard plenty of good things about this Bentonite Clay mask and have been wanting to try it for quite some time I’ve just been nervous as hell to do it; “Clay? In my HAIR?!” You’d think it be pretty drying right? Yeah me too, but two years of constant frizzy hair I guess you could say I’ve grown a bit desperate to get my hair to cooperate with me.

Bentonite Clay Hair Mask

Like a magnet, Bentonite Clay draws out all the metals and toxins that are in your hair. It Cleanses your hair without stripping it completely of it’s nutrients, adds shine, curl definition, helps get rid of dandruff, helps fight frizz and it’s supposed to stop shrinkage.

Without using anything metal, (because metal disrupts the clay resulting in it not working anymore), I made a simple mixture of about 7 teaspoons of the calcium Bentonite Clay, a capful of grape seed oil, and I added the organic apple cider vinegar. In the photo the mixture isn’t stirred up yet, but I mix in the apple cider vinegar until it’s a creamy consistency.


I put the hair mask throughout my hair from root to tip and I tried to detangle my hair. I’ve heard from a lot of people that it’s easy to detangle your hair while you apply the mask but my hair didn’t want to do what it was told. I thought it’d be a good idea to try it after I rinse the mask out and put a deep conditioner in.

As I washed it out, oh my GOSH was my hair so soft!!! My hair has never been that soft with a shampoo before. It’s been soft but not THAT soft… my hair was legit butter… ok not legit but ya know. I dried my hair with a t- shirt and my (to ya know, lessen the amount of frizz and breakage) and notice how well my hair liked this mask.

A pretty girl


It looks great! I didn’t even need a curl definer, a gel or anything… until I added the deep conditioner and started to try to detangle my hair again, that’s when the curls went away and the frizz came back. I’ve been told the more you do this mask, the better the hair reacts to it. I can’t wait to try it again. Next time I won’t try to disturb the finishing product. I guess this is a To Be Continued…

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