Anastasia Subculture

Anastasia Subculture

I’m reviewing the Anastasia Subculture Eyeshadow Palette. Going to Sephora on New Year’s Eve, I wanted a palette with more than just your average neutrals. Seriously there’s only so many shades of browns in one palette that I’m willing to accept, I need some variety for my lids ya know? I thought this palette would be a nice choice because it had a little more colors but they weren’t too bright. I think it would make a good fall/ winter palette.

Anastasia Subculture


Subculture swatches light skin

Compared to my trusty BH Cosmetics Palette, the ABH Subculture is much more pigmented! Each swatch, I went over twice for a more realistic idea on how it looks because I’m not sure about you but I don’t apply the same shade to my eye ten times so why swatch it like that on my arm? The only shade I was quite bummed about was Cube. Such a pretty holographic-type color that comes off in a pinkish hue yet it just didn’t show well with my skin tone (now, I did swatch that one about five or six times or so and it still wouldn’t cooperate). I feel like cube would make a good accent shade though. When using this palette, some of the shades come out a bit patchy and there is quite a bit of fallout but I’m ok with fallout, especially if the pigment is good, I had to play around with Subculture to get it to work to the best of my abilities. Some of the shades show up differently compared to in the pan to on the skin which I thought was… interesting. I’m not mad at this palette though. It’s not the best but I think it’s pretty decent. Not to mention it’s more pigmented than what I was using before. Brownie points for the velvet-like case for the packaging, I do enjoy soft things. 🤗

Kyra McKinney


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