Pink Lemonade… in the Fall?

Pink Lemonade… in the Fall?

So I may have just found out that I have an Etsy addiction, especially since I am a lover of food themed bath products and they provide any novelty bath products my little heart could ever dream of. It is now my second favorite season, Fall (well it’s been Fall for, ehh about a month now) but I still couldn’t help but wonder if there was a body wash that smells like lemonade. Summer, I can’t let you go just yet!

I’ve been following this growing business, Sheaology, on instagram for a while now and I decided to check out their Etsy and see what they have. I go on Etsy and lo and behold~ there’s a lemonade scent that’s not just lemonade but PINK LEMONADE! Can you tell how excited I am? There also was a sale on the 8oz size so obviously it was written in the stars that I just had to make this purchase; and purchase I did.

I ordered the Sheaology Pink Lemonade body wash online on October 6th and it arrived on October 11th. Not too bad at all. They did a great job on the scent. It really does smell like lemonade, pink doesn’t have a scent, but it does smell like lemonade that’s for sure. For me, I felt it didn’t lather much but that’s because it’s pretty close to organic— if I’m not mistaken and it doesn’t have any sodium laureth sulfates or sodium lauryl sulfates in them which makes soaps lather, and who can complain about NOT having toxic chemicals in their body? I know I can’t. They also sent a free sample of their Bergamot Grapefruit Body Oil which I’m currently using for my arms and hands. Im not too keen on grapefruit scents but it did a great job at keeping my skin soft and supple. Ultimately, I’m pretty happy with this purchase— not to mention my bathroom still smells like pink lemonade so I can hold onto the idea of Summer just a little while longer.

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