Monochromatic look

October 18th was my birthday and I am now eight days late making a blog post so I can’t call this “My Birthday Post” anymore 😔, BUT I Am wearing all black so I can call this a “Monochromatic Look” post 😎.

I’ve always wanted to do a monochromatic look of some sort but the tricky thing is different fabrics make the same color show up differently… especially black. The top and the skirt I got are both from the same website: BooHoo. I feel as though buying pieces from the same website result in shades matching up much better than getting one top from one place and getting the bottoms from another because they’d be using the same dyes more than likely. Both this mock turtle neck bodysuit as well as the bodycon skirt have the same fabric so that can play a huge role with the two shades of blacks coming together so seamlessly. The high waisted boots, Shane got me were from Tilly’s.

Of course for my birthday it got much cooler than even the day before, (I don’t know why, but this happens every year), but I was still somewhat warm, especially with the help of those boots. Whoever came up with thigh high boots: genius. I enjoyed my day cold or not. I got all the cheesecake I could’ve ever wanted and I got to spend time with my family. It’s the simple things, it truly is. ❤️

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