It felt so nice going back to visit Miami. I missed it so much! This time I went with the person I’ve always wanted to go with, my bestest friend in the whole wide world who just so happens to be my boyfriend! It was great going back; being out in the bustling and lively day time. The warm breezy nights.   Hearing the distant sounds of reggaeton and bachata in the background, walking the cracked and crumbled sidewalks; the food, the  Latino influence— I loved it all.

Our first night out, I wanted to wear this off the shoulder long sleeved crop top and a black miniskirt. The red shoes add a nice pop of color too. We went to the Wynwood Art District. It’s quite interesting how they took graffiti and murals and turned it into artwork on every building.



When going to the beach, the ocean is beautiful to look at but honestly I’m a huge fan of the sand. I wore this burgundy colored bodycon dress to wear something from this year’s fall Pantone colors while still feeling comfortable and at ease— one shouldn’t go to the beach and feel restricted. Something cute, casual, and comfy: my favorite 3 C’s.


Girl on beach








P.S. The Sugar Factory: 5/5 😋

The sugar factory

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