Beachy Keen

Beachy Keen

Panama City Beach, Florida

I had such a great time here at Panama City Beach, Florida. Surrounded by great friends, the perfect vibe, and great food *sigh* I miss this place already! The only thing that could’ve made this vacay better was if I knew how to swim. I DID bring a swimsuit but I didn’t take any full length pictures in it. I was too excited about the beach to think about anything else.

Girl in Panama City Beach

I’m wearing a white off the shoulder top from Boohoo, peach colored high waisted shorts, and my go-to Kate Spade Putnam Drive Anissa satchel. My gosh was this place humid so wearing this super casual outfit was a much better choice than going to the beach naked haha.

I cant wait to go back to the sea to see the waves wave at me all over again.



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