My Two Favorite Skincare Products| April

You’d think my first blog post would be of my actual face right? Wellll… it’s not, so deal with it. As I sit here listening to my Korean pop music whilst contemplating on what I should post first; I thought why not post the two main products I’ve been raving about for the past month. Shea Shea Bakery’s Red Velvet Cake Body Butter and Confetti Cake Batter Body Lotion. The body butter is made with whipped shea butter and it has a faint cake-like smell to it with a thiiick consistency to it. I never knew how much I loved whipped shea butter until I bought this. The consistency would be pretty kick-ass for the winter months especially, but I think it’s good for the hotter months as well if you still suffer from dry skin like myself but… oily skin? Ehh I wouldn’t recommend. Brownie points for the packaging since I love food themed things. Now, onto the Cake Batter body lotion. It has the feel of a lotion that’s slightly more runny. It’s cake batter scent is strong and pretty spot on! When I first bought it, I loved how I could notice the scent right away. Now, I would like if the scent was a little lighter like the Red Velvet Cake butter, but damn it I wanted Cake Batter and that’s exactly what I got! The lotion does make your skin feel satin-smooth and who doesn’t want that? If I had to rate these products: Red Velvet Cake gets 10/10, Confetti Cake BatterĀ  gets 8.5/ 10.